We are guided by strategic priorities chosen every year.


Strategic Priority in 2016

Strategic objectives

  • Primary market – improvement of the instruments and the offering process.
  • Secondary market – increased transparency and liquidity in the fixed-income secondary market. 
  • Investor base – expansion of the investor base, with a diversity of agents.
  • Self-regulation – change of focus from products to activities.
  • Education – more qualified market agents and more information to investors.

Main themes  

  • Taxation
  • Social security
  • Distribution
  • Technological innovation
  • Internationalization


Capital Market Agenda

Our agenda of initiatives to strengthen the capital market is a result of debates with both the society and the government. The actions we propose and carry out are aimed at fostering transparency, lengthening of terms, diversification of the investor base and improvement of market infrastructure for primary offerings and trading in the secondary market.

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