Ethics Council

Our Ethics Council is made up of seven members, all representatives of member institutions.

Its main responsibilities are as follows:

  • Deliberate on membership requests;
  • Interpret and apply the principles and norms of the Ethics Council;
  • Establish and review procedures;
  • Suggest to the board, if necessary, the application of penalties against members who violate norms established in the Ethics Code.

Our Ethics Council members:


Luiz Masagão Ribeiro

Banco BI&P

Vice President

Lywal Salles Filho

Vinci Gestora de Recursos


Cassio Fernando von Gal

Banco BBM

Luiz Augusto Candiota

Lacan Investimentos e Participações

Luiz Eduardo Passos Maia

Brookfield Brasil Asset Management

Ricardo von Döllinger

BNP Paribas Brasil