Boletim de Fundos de Investimentos

Fixed Income class shows highest net inflow in September


The fund industry had net capital inflow of R$36.52 billion in September, raising R$196.35 billion year to date. The Fixed Income class was the highlight, with R$21.25 billion raised in September and R$17.89 billion since January. Despite the positive figure, the performance was affected by volatility of LFT prices in the period, since such securities account for a significant portion of fixed-income portfolios, especially in DI-indexed funds.

Within the class, the type that stood out was the Fixed Income – Short Duration Sovereign, with the second-largest amount of net assets (R$505.74 billion), which raised R$16.56 billion in September and R$157.03 billion in the year to date.Net-Inflow-per-Class.PNG


The Balanced-Mixed had monthly net inflow of R$5.18 billion, marking the best result of the year in the industry with R$81.12 billion raised since January. Among the types, the Balanced-Mixed - Free, with the second-largest amount of net assets (R$502.88 billion), was the highlight with inflows of R$6.06 billion in September and R$53.5 billion year to date.Balanced-Mixed Class.PNG


The Equity class saw net inflow of R$4.41 billion in the month and R$66.52 billion in the year to September. The Equity – Free Portfolio type, with the largest amount of net assets (R$ 217.45 billion), had the best performance both in the month and in the year, raising R$3.11 billion and R$42.65 billion, respectively.

In the Fixed Income portfolio, the Foreign Debt type delivered the highest monthly return at 2.82%. In the Balanced-Mixed class, the Foreign Investment type had the best performance, yielding 0.16% in the month. As for the Equity class, all types had negative returns in September, reflecting market volatility.