Boletim de Fundos de Investimentos

Investment funds remain resilient amid uncertainties

The investment fund industry showed resilience amid increasing uncertainties in the global and domestic markets, ending February with net capital inflow of R$19.6 billion, up 87% from January, when R$10.5 billion were raised. In the year to date, the fund industry has net inflow of R$30.1 billion, 41% below from the same period in 2019 at R$50.9 billion.


For the fifth month in a row, the Equity class had the best result for the month. After raising R$12.8 billion in February, the class shows net inflow of R$36.3 billion in 2020. The type Equity - Free Portfolio alone raised R$8.6 billion in the month, totaling R$21.4 billion since January.


The Balanced-Mixed class ended February with net inflow of R$7.9 billion. In the year to date, the class has raised R$18.4 billion, the second best performance in the industry. The Balanced-Mixed Free, one of the most representative types, raised R$5.5 billion in the month and R$16 billion in the year, the highest figure in the class.

In line with the stock market rout - Ibovespa fell 8.43% in February - all types that make up the Equity class had negative returns in the month. The most representative type, Equity - Free Portfolio, lost 6.9%. In the Balanced-Mixed class, only the Balanced-Mixed class Trading and Foreign Investment types had gains in February, of 0.17% and 0.21%, respectively. On the other hand, in the Fixed Income class, all types had positive returns: the Foreign Debt type was the highlight, gaining 5.76%, indicating the rising dollar in the period.