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The Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association works along with the government, the market and the society focused on four commitments to our members:

We are the main data provider on the activities of the Brazilian capital and financial markets, releasing fast-paced, reliable and timely statistics, analysis and reports on the various segments we represent.

We believe that a transparent and secure trading environment boots business opportunities and increases liquidity.

We foster the dialogue among our diverse market participants, including commercial and investment banks, asset-management firms, securities brokers and dealers.

ANBIMA’s role is to defend our members’ interests and proposals in order to develop and improve the capital and financial markets, attending public hearings, debates and presenting suggestions to regulators and government agencies with the active participation of our groups.

Our goal is to create conditions that favor the adoption of rules, parameters and standard practices for each segment in the capital and financial markets, which are created by ANBIMA members themselves.

We believe that a healthy business environment must rely on the nonstop improvement of operational standards, with the supervision and enforcement of self-regulatory rules, helped by market participants that make up our independent bodies.

We are committed to raising the bar of market quality standards. To achieve this goal, we work on several fronts:

  • Certifying professionals through our qualifying examinations. Our Certification Program has issued more than 500,000 certifications since its launch in 2002;
  • Offering training courses on topics related to capital and financial markets aimed at the professional development and continuous improvement of market agents;
  • Disseminating financial education content and fostering research. Well-trained professionals and conscientious investors are the foundation of a solid market.