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Who we are

We are the Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association. The entity has the purpose of representing and defending the interests of more than 300 members including banks, asset managers, brokers, securities dealers and investment advisers, which reflects the plurality and independence of our association. We work for the representation and coordination of our members’ interests, locally and internationally, and are dedicated to the development of a stronger capital market in Brazil.

ANBIMA was created in October 2009 by the merger of the former National Association of Investment Banks (ANBID) and the former National Association of Financial Market Institutions (ANDIMA), institutions that had represented the market for more than four decades.

Our mission is based on four commitments: represent, self-regulate, inform and educate.

We believe that a strong market is made with strong institutions. Strengthening representation is key to support the development of the financial and capital markets in Brazil, allowing the long-term financing of the country’s sustainable growth.

We are committed to legitimately defend our members’ interests in the local and international markets, seeking to give equal rights to institutions of all sizes. Our advocacy is carried out through several ways: the active participation of our  groups in public hearings and debates, in addition to suggestions taken to regulators, government agencies and associations in Brazil and abroad.

We are a reference in the Brazilian capital market for a private and voluntary self-regulatory model, establishing rules by the market and for the market for control and enforcement as well as codes of best practices.

By improving operational standards along with Brazilian regulators, ANBIMA aims at strengthening not only the domestic capital market but also raising the bar in order to inspire efficient and transparent practices overseas.

We also play a significant role on the information front, providing daily indexes and average rates used as a reference by market participants, while our monthly and annual publications are reliable data and statistics sources on the activities of the financial and capital markets.

The development of the Brazilian capital market cannot be carried out without educated investors and well-trained professionals, so they can offer their clients the best advice. With this in mind, we support and offer certification programs, while fostering initiatives to provide financial education to society.