Estrategia Internacional – ANBIMA

International Strategy

Our representation of market institutions is not limited to Brazil. We are committed to international inclusion and engagement in order to identify major global trends. We represent our members at self-regulatory bodies and associations worldwide, focusing on the defense of their interests, presenting the Brazilian regulatory framework and anticipating the impact of new rules abroad on the local market.

In order to fulfill this goal, we take part in several forums that debate relevant issues for the segments we represent, as well as joining global initiatives to foster investor education and exchange of information and experiences among entities around the world.

As for international regulation, our actions are based on two main pillars. One of them is our role at the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), of which we are members since 2005 and where we chair the Affiliate Members Consultative Committee (AMCC), made up of 64 members including self-regulatory bodies, stock exchanges, international associations, among others. In 2014, we became an observer member at the IOSCO Board meetings, as part of our engagement in discussions that guide the securities regulation and the harmonious adoption of rules across several countries.

On a second front, we represent the investment funds and capital market segments at forums such as the International Investment Funds Association (IIFA), where we follow the international regulatory discussions and their developments.

Our International Regulation Working Group (GTRI) also discusses internally treasury issues. The GTRI focuses on following laws and rules that have an impact on the global financial market; the evaluation of transboundary impacts of the US and European financial markets; the analysis of existing gaps between international rules and the Brazilian regulation and measures that could mitigate them. In addition, it provides technical support on new local and international rules to ANBIMA members and regulators.

Investor education also plays a significant role in our international representation, through which we develop initiatives along with bodies such as the International Forum for Investor Education (IFIE), also attending meetings at the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) to debate trends on financial education.

Our international partnerships and agreements

We take part in the forum for the regulatory development of capital markets in the Americas and Caribe. The COSRA (Council of Securities Regulators of the Americas) meets annually and has taskforces to address specific issues.

We are members of the Iberoamerican Federation of Investment Funds (FIAFIN for its acronym in Spanish), which brings together fund industry representatives of the main Latin American countries, in addition to Spain and Portugal.

We are board members of the International Forum for Investor Education (IFIE).

We take part in debates and discussion groups of the OECD/INFE (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development/International Network on Financial Education), which foster programs and initiatives on financial education.

We chair the Americas Chapter of IFIE (International Forum for Investor Education), whose goal is to strengthen, share and boost efforts toward investor education in the continent.

We are members of the International Investment Funds Association (IIFA), which brings together institutions around the world to promote the development of the fund industry and investor protection.

We are membres of the Affiliate Members Consultative Committee (AMCC) of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), a renowned body in charge of establishing global standards for the sector.