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Agreements and partnerships

We interact with state and private-sector entities, in the national and international markets, which have similar goals to those of our mission of strengthening the capital market.

Here is an overview of our institutional relations


We keep an intense exchange of information and develop joint projects with ABRAPP (Brazilian National Association of Pension Funds), aiming at improving the regulation for investors.


The management of the Self-Regulatory Code for private-equity funds (FIP) and venture capital funds (FIEE), which establishes the best practices for market participants, is made in partnership with ABVCAP (Brazilian Association of Private Equity and Venture Capital). We ee institutions that adhere to the code, while ABVCAP consolidates these funds’ database.


We are part of the Supervisory Board of the Securities Analyst of APIMEC (Association of Capital Market Analysts and Investment Professionals).


We are members of CNF (National Confederation of Financial Institutions), which defends the interests of financial institutions at the national level.


We exchange ideas on issues and events of our common agenda, including our participation in the Intrasectoral Chamber of Sustainability and Environment of Febraban (Brazilian Federation of Banks) and Ciab (Congress and Exhibition of Information Technology of Financial Institutions), which is organized by Febraban.


We are sponsors of AEF-Brasil (Association for Financial Education of Brazil), which carries out actions proposed by the CONEF (National Committee on Financial Education) in order to encourage financial education programs in the country

Education Advisory Committee of CVM

Participation in the initiatives of the group created by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil (CVM) aiming at supporting the development of projects that foster better financial education standards for the population.


At the National Committee on Financial Education (CONEF), we are members of the group responsible for the guidance, supervision and development of the National Strategy for Financial Education. We take part in the National Week of Financial Education with initiatives targeted at the dissemination of the topic.


We are members of the Financial Planning Standard Board, body that brings together the institutions entitled to grant the CFP (Certified Financial Planner) certification in Brazil.

Central Bank

We carry out joint actions with the Central Bank of Brazil aimed at debating and suggesting ways of strengthening markets. Under an agreement, we are responsible for the operation of the Selic (Special System for Settlement and Custody).


ANBIMA and BNDES (Brazilian Development Bank) work together on the development of instruments that contribute to the strengthening of the capital market, especially in its role of guiding private savings to the long-term financing of the Brazilian economy.


We have two agreements with CVM (Securities and Exchange Commission of Brazil): one in which we examine in advance the requests for registration of public offerings and another for the application of penalties and execution of terms of commitments. We are also members of CVM’s Education Advisory Committee, and we keep a constant dialogue to be aligned on strategic issues.

Ministry of Economy

We maintain a constant dialogue with the Ministry of Economy in order to conduct our institutional agenda and present our proposals to strengthen the capital market.

Secretariat of Federal Revenue

We often exchange information aimed at improving tax rules and the consolidation of opinions on the current norms in order to ensure the legal certainty of market transactions.


Were are members of the Advisory Chamber of Novo Mercado, B3’s stricter corporate governance segment, and of the Listing Advisory Chamber. Our participation in such bodies mirrors an effort of constant dialogue with B3.


We are part of the Administration and Supervision Council of the Association of Supporters of CAF (Mergers and Acquisitions Committee), a private trial panel focused on the self-regulation of the capital market in transactions such as incorporations, mergers, spinoffs followed by incorporations and others.