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2013 Yearbook • Brazilian Mutual Fund Industry


ANBIMA (Brazilian Financial and Capital Market Association) represents Brazilian financial and capital market institutions. We have a heterogeneous mix of over 310 affiliates operating in various market segments, including commercial and multiple-service banks, investment banks, fund managers and administrators, securities brokers and dealers, and wealth managers.

The association believes that only strong institutions cam ensure a solid capital market capable of fulfilling its mission of providing Brazilian companies with long-term capital, thereby enabling projects that contribute to the country's development.

ANBIMA assumes four firm commitments designed to strengthen the institutions and the market as a whole: representing the interests of its affiliates and articulating demands that reflect the needs of their operating segments; ensuring the self-regulation of the activities of our affiliates, who voluntarily create codes of conduct based on best business practices to which they adhere; contributing to the qualification of market professionals and Brazilian investors; and providing information on the markets we represent.